It is Best if you print out an 2011 Order Form and then browse our Catalog. That way as you see what you want to purchase, you can mark it down as you go. Then either fax (734-285-3441), or e-mail ( the order form to us. Once we get your order we will verify availability and contact you to arrange payment. If done by credit card the order can be placed before we get off the phone. We will then deliver the plants in a couple of days, provided it is a local delivery. Deliveries outside the Detroit/Ann Arbor area may be subject to a slight fee based on distance.

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And New this Year Proven Selections offer Herbs and Veggies!



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Within DAYS!! our 2011 Catalog will be available for viewing and placing orders!  Come Back often and be the first in your neighborhood to order!

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Home Personalization

We at StraightWay Design take our Flowers seriously. That is why we sell, along with others, the Proven Winners and Proven Selection line of Plants and Flowers. For many reasons, if you are not familiar with this line of plants, you should be. The highest quality plants, found in some of the best retail centers in America. Very Hearty and Healthy Plants. Grown in sterile conditions to insure no disease. They even have disinfection mats that cannot be avoided when walking from one part of the greenhouse to another to ensure no bacteria can be spread.


We have had these Flowers for years and have tried several varieties ourselves. My favorite is the Surfinia/Supertunia line. I can honestly say that weekly I end up mowing off the ends of my plants as I mow the lawn due to their trailing length which can reach between 4 to 6 feet. The fact that you do not need to pick off the dead flowers or pinch them to get more. These plants just produce an endless supply of full, beautiful flowers from the top all the way down to the end of their long branches. If you live locally in the Detroit, Michigan area, we can deliver your plants to you, if however, you are not in close proximity to us, we will ship them to you, well watered and packed at time of shipping.


Our prices are extremely competitive, and our service is impeccable, please give us a try if you are planning on buying plants this year to Personalize your Home. We buy direct from the Greenhouse so it is best to purchase early. This is due to when the season begins, the greenhouse sell out quickly. When the plants are sold out, they are gone, we cannot have mature plants grown over night. Delivery will take place around the first of May. If you order, we will contact you in advance to inform of the date of shipping.