Grapefruit has a fresh clean citrus scent in the "Mi'Scents by Michele" line of products. Grapefruit has a tradition of easing anxiety, and PMS complications, as well as depression. It is also believed to be a benefit dealing with detoxifying and cleansing skin. A list of reported areas where Grapefruit is said to be beneficial include: reducing appetite, balancing moods, cleansing the body of toxins, and minimizing water retention.


We have a customer who inform us that she had just purchased a bar of Grapefruit and took it on vacation with her. Her first day there she laid in the sun and ended up getting a bad sun burn. The only soap she had was ours so she figured she would use it after hearing how it moisturized and detoxified. She later told us that it soothed her sun burn so well that it did not hurt the next day and it also never peeled. She Loves the fragrance of our All-Natural glycerin Grapefruit soap!

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Mi'Scents by Michele offers Grapefruit in Bath Sea Salts container sizes of Cup,

1 Cups, and 3 Cups.

We also offer an All-Natural Clear Glycerin Soap Bar in a 4 oz size.


.5 Cup 1 Cups 3 Cups 4 oz. To Place Your Order

Bath Salt

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Bath Soap Bar





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