Lavender Glory has testimony after testimony that it WORKS!!       Try something different and better that does not dry your skin out but cleans your skin and provides a difference without the high cost.

"Lavender Glory" is a combination of several Essential Oils and lavender flowers that superbly exfoliate the skin. We have been told that Lavender Glory is spectacular at getting rid of acne, pimples, and black heads on over a thousand people in multiple states. Even people that dermatologists were not able to help! After as little as one day of use, our customers have reported seeing tremendous results and we believe you will too!

We have received many reports of how effective Lavender Glory is. One of our customers who has used a very well known brand of acne fighting products (this line of products uses many celebrities to promote it,) after purchasing it used Lavender Glory just one time and called us that night, to proclaim how phenomenal it is.

Another customer suffered from Cystic Acne and had been to multiple dermatologists to no avail, but one bar of Lavender Glory (which her mother purchased for her on the other side of the state) made the difference. within one week she stated on Facebook she saw a major improvement and it just kept getting better and better!

There are many more testimonies proclaiming how wonderful this product is. Give it a try!


Our "Lavender Glory" Bath Sea Salts have had similar results in areas where it is a little harder to use a bar of all natural glycerin Bath Soap, so we suggest the use of the Lavender Glory Sea Salts.  We have had testimonies reporting back to us that after relaxing in the tub using the Lavender Glory Sea Salts in the evening, the very next morning waking up to find a noticeable improvement already!

While all these benefits are associated with this scent, it is NOT recommended to be used if you are pregnant. We give you this information as a help. None of the statements contained on this web site have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. None of the products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, neither is it our intention to prescribe any course of therapy. This information is provided for educational purposes only. Results may vary.

Mi'Scents by Michele offers a Bath Soap Bar in a 4 oz size. and a Special Order Shampoo in a 4 oz size

Lavender Glory

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Mi'Scents by Michele is looking for a couple of people that live in the greater Detroit area to show what our amazing product, Lavender Glory can do. If you know a young woman or young man with acne that would be willing to use a sample of our wonderful product free of charge, and show our customers the before and after pictures, along with  providing an honest testimonial of what they think of it, please let us know.


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