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Who We Are

StraightWay Design, Inc. is a company that is working to be the most honest and straightforward company you have ever dealt with. A company that strives to help the community through generous contributions and unique practices. StraightWay Design gives 10% of its profits to a local charity and an additional 10% will be used to help print books that will help build better and stronger families.

We endeavor to provide the best products at very competitive pricing. "MiScents by Michele" uses only the best ingredients like Sea Salt, and Essential Oils. These products have been tested and approved by potential and current customers. They have stated that the scent lasts. Some scents have been reported to last over 90 minutes. Quality, that is what you want, and what we want to provide you.

Flooring, Window Treatments, Graphic Art Products, all of this and more are available at the best possible quality, and at very competitive prices. We offer you, our customers, Name Brand Products and private label products that have been tested to be very reliable and great performers. You can buy with confidence.

Return policy for StraightWay Design, Inc. is, if it is a product made by us that has arrived to you in a unsatisfactory condition, contact us and then return all of it to us with a copy of your receipt and written explanation of how it failed and we will send another one of equal quantity and type. (Because of their personal nature returned products cannot be resold, therefore refunds cannot be issued.) If however, it is a product not made by us, such as Flooring, or Window Treatments, or a large scale product, then the return policy is that of that specific manufacturer. Our plants come directly from the greenhouse and handling is very minimal (usually only pick up and delivery) so plant failure is very unlikely unless the customer does not plant it in the proper location (sun or shade) or does not fertilize and water it properly. But we will consider any complaints and act accordingly. We want satisfied customers.

You can contact us at StraightWay Design, Inc. P.O. Box 1422 Southgate, MI 48195, or our web page at, or by phone at (734)285-3392, and by e-mail at Please have receipt or copy of receipt and let us know of your concerns.


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We the Founders of StraightWay Design, Inc. are dedicated to the belief and cause of Christ. We believe that the principles taught in the Bible are beneficial to all mankind. It is our hope that you will seek out truth and not follow what is commonly accepted as fact. If you wish to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, please follow this link. Salvation